HostGator cPanel Demo

Welcome to HostGator cPanel. You are probably here because you’re thinking about signing up with HostGator and want to give the HostGator cPanel a test drive before you buy. We’ll you’re in luck, there is a HostGator cPanel demo that will allow you to test it out first.

What is cPanel? – cPanel is the most popular and widely used control panel used by web hosting providers. cPanel is the industry standard, it doesn’t get much better . The HostGator cPanel will allow you to do virtually anything and everything related your web hosting or email accounts. It will allow you setup a new website and with one click install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, If Fact the HostGator cPanel with allow you to install many other programs in a matter of seconds with no PHP or HTML knowledge necessary. Along with managing your website it will allow you to setup and manage your eMail account, view you statists and a whole lot more. To find out for yourself try the HostGator cPanel demo.